virtual field trips, math games

Obvious to you. Amazing to others. – by Derek Sivers – YouTube
“Outtake from the book “Anything You Want” – by Derek Sivers”
8 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills with EdTech
“A crucial critical thinking skill is developing the understanding that there are multiple solutions to many problems. Some approaches to a given problem may make more sense to one student tha…
10 great virtual field trips to check out in 2017 | Ditch That Textbook | #1 Educational Site for Pre-K through 5
“Guided Lessons Put your kids on the right path to learning Comprehensive: Deep dive skill practice for 800+ foundational skills Many Ways to Learn
Global Projects – Teacher Reboot Camp
“Where to Find Classes Worldwide to Connect The Skype for Educators Community is full of current global projects and allows you to post an invitation for your project or join Mystery Skypes
Citizenship – Shelly Sanchez Terrell
“help our students create meaningful messages and learn to effectively collaborate and respect their peers. Below are slides, resources, and bookmarks to help you get your students to reflect
15 Ideas and Tons of Resources to Try with Learners in 2017 – Teacher Reboot Camp
“ideas to try with your learners in 2017. Try picking one or two that you think would really motivate your learners to be more creative, problem solve, and think critically.
All-Around Development: 7 Best Educational Online Games for Children
“screen time in place of some traditional instruction time. selecting games develop critical thinking skills and boost educational performance. Here are seven examples to choose from:” – The Internet’s #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers
variety of games and keeps going all the way to eighth grade (whereas many other sites cut off after fifth grade). It is free to play, but a bit heavy with advertisements.
Math Games, Worksheets & Homework Help for Kids, Parents & Teachers. | Game Classroom
“Math Games – Learn while you play fun games!” and Language Arts Games – Practice skills with educational games variety of games for Kindergarten through fifth grade

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