maps, stories, reading logs

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Types of Stories Students Can Tell With Digital Maps
“While digital mapping tools are perfectly suited to social studies lessons, they can also be used in other subject areas including math, language arts, and science.
5 Alternatives to Reading Logs |
Students can easily use iPads or other devices to film a quick book review.
100 Questions That Help Students Think About Thinking –
“how to help students think for themselves. questions below that he added in order to facilitate their use in the classroom”
Know Students Better: 15 Tools for Formative Assessment — Learning in Hand
“ideas for good questions. give every student in a class a voice. Students are spared the embarrassment of having to volunteer or be called on to answer a question out loud because everyone an…
Iterative searching | Information Skills Modules | Virginia Tech
“A systematic and effective search is an iterative process of finding some relevant information, revising your search statements based on what you did or did not find, and then searching again…
Digital Literacy Tips: Strategies for Online Fact Checking
“did you take a few moments to fact-check it by searching online for other sources which either corroborate or refute the article’s claims? If so, congratulations! Your actions in fact-check…
Best Education Apps | Educational App Store
Certifying and Building Confidence in the use of Educational Apps

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