2016.1 reading activities, praise, visual learning

Once Upon a Device: 20 Reading Activities & Apps | Teacher Reboot Camp
activities have to help learners visualize and experience this world to get a better understanding of the mindset of the characters. Vari…
20 Ways to Transform Learning with Technology | Teacher Reboot Camp
integrating technology to get students researching, exploring, creating and moving. Hover over the infopic below to discover lessons, fre…
40 Ways to Engage Them in the First 5 Minutes | Teacher Reboot Camp
area with the prompt, challenge, or mission and knew they had to complete it in the first 5 minutes or complete it for homework. I would…
eltpics | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
flickr – images suitable for k-8
Pics4Learning | Free photos for education
Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for c…
20 Posts To Help You Integrate Technology the Right Way! | Teacher Reboot Camp
technology has impacted our traditions, rituals, communication, language, relationships, values, and learning. We have a generation of di…
Vision Boards 101 | Brussell’s Sprouts
The key to making a vision board filled with goals and desires that reflect your unique life purpose is to take some time to figure out w…
The Six Characteristics of Effective Praise
Effective PRAISEPositiveReinforces High ExpectationsAppropriateIndependence Is PromotedSincereEffort and Progress Are Noted
STEM & Visual Learning: A Natural Partnership
hands-on problem solving and communicating ideas in the most direct way.. a celebrated example of integrated literacy in Galileo’s note…
MiddleWeb’s 5 Best Vocabulary Teaching Tips
student knowledge of academic language matters more than ever. strategies for building vocabulary may be near the top of your list
Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary
Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary Easy-to-understand definitions, with illustrations and links to further reading. Browse the definition…
Making Resolutions That Matter for Middle Graders
focus on trying to be my best self and to forgive myself when I fall short. I encourage them to set goals, reflect on what they can chang…
A Principal’s Reflections: Improving Instruction in a Digital World
Rigor and Relevance Framework provides, digital tools and social media afford students the opportunity to take more ownership of their gr…
iPaddling through Fourth Grade-Encourage…Engage…Enlighten…Empower: Workflow in a 1:1 Elementary Classroom
teaching in a 1:1 Classroom and it gets better each day. A question that I am often asked is what workflow system are you using in your c…

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