2015.44 math apps, class culture, love2learn

Over 1,000 math activities for grades K-6!
All Things Origami for Kids – The Art Curator for Kids
“progression of origami and how they applied mathematical principles to origami to make it the incredible art form it is today. &quo…
Three Cooperative Learning Strategies in Middle School Math.
variety of cooperative learning strategies that benefit the middle school math student. Here are three excellent ones you can use now:1….
Pick-a-Path on the App Store
National Council of Teachers of MathematicsHelp Okta reach the target (maximum, minimum, or a specific value) by choosing a path from the…
4Kids.org – Games
Take a break from your homework and kick back with these fun games from Arcademic Skill Builders! Click a game button below to play.
Try DreamBox – Free K-8 Math Lessons
“DreamBox offers nearly 1,800 lessons with millions of paths through the curriculum. To engage students exactly where they are, it a…
Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games (Tech2Learn Series) | Edutopia
“Using tech tools and games acquired through grants and his own resourcefulness, second-grade teacher Robert Pronovost tailors math…
5 Ways to Improve Classroom Culture | 4 O’Clock Faculty
5 Ways to Improve Classroom Culture – rules, expectations, rewards, student voice and choice, class meetings
“Personalized Math Notebook Covers – # of siblings or children, year of birth or age, height or weight, etc. But the more I consider…
Motivating Students
Strategize with struggling studentsWhen students are struggling with poor academic performance, low self-efficacy or low motivation, one…
Math in Art – 15+ STEAM Projects!
15 resources for covering both math and art concepts in a lesson! “
Middle School Math Games Freebies – Math Concentration
reinforce math concepts previously learned and students won’t realize they are actually working because they are having so much fun.&…
Math is Everywhere (A First-Week Math Project for Upper Grades) – Math in the Middle
choose a topic, they use a tile, pencil, ruler, and colored pencils to show how they see math in their topic. Being the baseball fan that…
The Secondary Classroom can be fun too…..: Mosaics with Percents/Decimals/Fractions UPDATED
“creating a mosaic or a quilt where students must develop the percent, decimal, and fraction for their design. Each student was give…

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