teaching k-8

This is a test… A colleague suggested a “fix” to a long-term problem! Social bookmarks with Delicious and Diigo are easy to accumulate, but I hadn’t found a workable solution for sharing them forward. Now it is here.

I save and tag everything that is interesting. Then snag all the links and summaries into lists and copy the lists into blog posts. There is a Diigo tool that does something like this but the formatting wasn’t very good and was a lot of work to revise. This is easy and the results are ok.

This may become a regular thing.

STEM: K-8 Engineering | Scholastic.com
an inquiry-based K–5 school in Richfield, Minnesota, both teachers and students take fruit-fly invasions in stride.“The kids came up…
edWeb.net – Registration
Exploring eBooks for K-12 is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides teaching ideas and discussions about the use of eBooks…
Why Imagine Engineering workshop guide
The Imagine Engineering workshop encourages girls ages 13–17 to pursue careers in engineering. Even though young girls and boys are exp…
Imagine Engineering: Advice for Girls
We asked engineers from different fields what advice they would give to girls interested in engineering. Here’s what they told us:…
The 30 Best Educational Games for the iPad: Kid’s Edition – Getting Smart | Getting Smart
Teacher Play – 6 Apps to Explore This Summer
explore new apps and tools that you don’t have time to test during the busy school year. Devoting a few rainy afternoons to “teacher…
Free Technology for Teachers: Five Nice NASA Resources for Teachers and Students
five of the most popular NASA resources for teachers and students
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 iPad Accessories Every Teacher Should Know about
add-ons to enable you to better tap into iPad’s full educational potential. To this end, we compiled for you what we think are some of…
eSkeletons | eSkeletons
eSkeletons provides an interactive environment in which to examine and learn about skeletal anatomy through our osteology database.
Iteration, collaboration, and documentation
Iteration, collaboration, and documentation are integral parts of engineering design. This challenge is intended to provide students with…
LEGOengineering – Inspiration and support for LEGO-based engineering in the classroom
The aim of this site is to inspire and support teachers to go beyond the basics in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students.
LEGO Engineering: From Kindergarten to College – YouTube
2008 so some updates – For the past 10 years, Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach has been working with the LEGO Group to…
Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? – Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2 – BBC Two – YouTube
Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? – Inside the Animal Mind – crow solves an eight step puzzle set up by researchers using sticks an…
Four Fun Apps to Help Gamify Your Classroom
gamification is the process of taking something students have to do and turning it into something that they get to do.below are four trie…
The tyranny of the “right” answer SmartBlogs
Performing is about displaying competence; learning is about gaining competence. Learning and performing are part of the process of getti…

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