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  • “popular engineering classes free of charge to students and educators around the world. Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) expands the Stanford experience to students and educators online. A computer and an Internet connection are all you need. View lecture videos, access reading lists and other course handouts, take quizzes and tests, and communicate with other SEE students, all at your convenience.

    SEE programming includes one of Stanford’s most popular sequences: the three-course Introduction to Computer Science taken by the majority of Stanford’s undergraduates and seven more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.”

    Tags: engineering, video, courses, online

  • “Building sophisticated educational tools out of cheap parts, Johnny Lee demos his cool Wii Remote hacks, which turn the $40 video game controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.
    Researcher Johnny Lee became a YouTube star with his demo of Wii Remote hacks — bending the low-cost game piece to power an interactive whiteboard, a multitouch surface, a head-mounted display”

    Tags: techstuff, Interactive, video

  • “The Online High School is a fully accredited, diploma granting, online independent school situated at Stanford University. Serving grades 7-12, the OHS prepares students from around the world for success both in life and in their future intellectual pursuits. “

    Tags: online, highschool, Interactive

  • “The laboratory will provide online access to data from real physical instruments and equipment – developing cutting-edge technology including:

    remote access to laboratories and observatories: students can operate real physical equipment controlled remotely – a method already established in astronomy
    virtual laboratories and instruments, such as the virtual microscope: interactive screen experiments will include photo-realistic recordings of physical experiments and replicate the behaviours of real specimens
    online field investigations: these can involve electronic access to a conventional field trip or offer a virtual experience using satellite-borne and remotely-operated sensors
    citizen science: a distributed way of gathering data, where non-professionals collect or process data as part of a scientific enquiry. This data can be combined to offer new insights.

    Tags: science, online, Interactive, research

  • This is absolutely mind-boggling!

    Full 360 degree panoramic interactive moving view of Mars as you’ve never experienced before.

    Taken by Opportunity Rover and converted into an interactive panorama

    Tags: Mars, video, Interactive, Curiosity, space

  • ” Free & Open.

    A Gentle Introduction to Python is 100% free, just like all OpenCourseWare. Anyone can join, and you’re welcome to share your work.
    Learning Powerhouse.

    Pick up Python from leading innovators in online learning. MIT’s chops. Codecademy’s exercises. OpenStudy’s study groups. P2PU’s community. Need we say more?
    Weekly Lessons.

    Make friends with some smarties, and start programming from Week 1. Open for signup now, course starts October 15.”

    Tags: programming, learning, Interactive, course

  • “5 Great Apps for Studying Botany”

    Tags: k-8, apps, biology

  • ARRL ETP Curriculum Guide-The Curriculum Guide includes activities that explore wireless technology, career paths, non-verbal communication, Ohm’s law, and building a crystal radio receiver.

    Tags: k-8, teaching, STEM, resources

  • “The first-ever TEDxStanford was held on May 19, 2012 and highlighted some of the best of Stanford in an immersive day of short talks by luminaries and pioneers in their field, a showcase of cool, groundbreaking products, and performances, all under the guiding theme of “ILLUMINATION”.”

    Tags: innovation, videos, resources

  • “Krista Donaldson is the CEO of
    D-Rev, a non-profit technology incubator whose mission is to improve the health and incomes of people living on less than $4 per day.
    Krista Donaldson has been working at the intersection of design and international development for over twelve years, applying engineering and design to confounding social problems in the developing world. Her recent work focused on medical devices: Brilliance a device to treat babies with severe jaundice, and the JaipurKnee, an artificial knee for developing world amputees.”

    Tags: innovation, video, engineering, community, women

  • “The goal of The Problem of Food was to produce a website that told the story of their five-course meal from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students developed semi-original recipes for each course of the meal. They wrote carefully considered descriptions of each course, including information about the way each one reflected social, economic, scientific and environmental issues.”

    Tags: online, highschool, Interactive, community, science, problemsolving

  • “The Voyager 1 spacecraft’s 35th anniversary is proving to be unexpectedly exciting, as scientists gathered this week to examine new hints that the spacecraft is on the verge of leaving our solar system.

    Voyager 1 is now more than 11 billion miles away from Earth. It blasted off in September 1977, on a mission to Jupiter and Saturn. But it also carried a Golden Record filled with music and the sounds of our planet, in case it encountered intelligent life as it moved out toward the stars.”

    Tags: NASA, spacecraft, space, history, audio

  • “Cleared for Mach 2 after departure, this supersonic jet of the future would yaw 90 degrees and put a new set of wings into the wind. The brainchild of Ge-Chen Zha of the University of Miami, the “supersonic, bi-directional flying wing” recently landed a $100,000 NASA grant to continue development of a concept that could cut the New York to Tokyo travel time to four hours—and perhaps significantly faster than that, Zha said.”

    Tags: aviation, aeronautics, research, news, NASA

  • “Teaching math with adaptable online resources: a community of practice
    A professional development community for teachers and admins to share experiences and approaches to teaching developmental math with digital media content.”

    Tags: math, teaching, community, Interactive, resources

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