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  • Wind is one important source of alternative energy. In this activity, kids create their own wind turbine and attach it to a Hot Wheels Car. Then they can use a fan to power the turbines so their cars can move! Wind is a great alternate to fuel since fuel pollutes the air and is nonrenewable. Because wind is a renewable energy source, we will never run out! However, as the girls at Girlstart discovered from testing their own cars, there are some cons to powering a car with wind.

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  • Hans-on activities

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  • Citizen science blog – regular posts of new and ongoing projects

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  • “Sheila Scott, above, pictured with her Piper Aztec Mythre. According to GRIN, in 1971 Scott became the first person to fly over the North Pole in a single engine plane. She was carrying NASA equipment for a communications experiment testing the Interrogation Recording and Location System (IRLS) of the Nimbus polar orbiting satellite.

    Jerrie Cobb with Mercury capsule. Image courtesy NASA.
    Jerrie Cobb (left) hoped to be an astronaut for the Mercury program. Cobb and twenty-four other women underwent physical tests similar to those undergone by the Mercury astronauts.”

    tags: NASA women images history aerospace

  • “The Consortium for Ocean Leadership, representing leading oceanographic institutions universities and aquaria, manages a national academic competition for high schools on topics related to the study of the oceans — the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®). The NOSB is a nationally recognized and highly acclaimed high school academic competition that provides a forum for talented students to test their knowledge of the marine sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. The NOSB was created in 1998 in honor of the International Year of the Ocean and since its inception, the competition has grown to include 25 regional competition locations with 300 schools and over 2,000 students participating annually.”

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  • ““The Garbage Men” is the name of the band started by 4 Sarasota, Florida teens who not only formed a band, but also created their own instruments using garbage. Hence the name “The Garbage Men”. And the music they created using cereal box, water jar, garbage bin cover, pipes etc. sounds really incredible.”

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  • “What If Scientific—Leave Only Bubbles provides novel, innovative educational materials to supplement marine, earth, and environmental science curriculums. Our products are high-quality; many of which are teacher-developed and can only be found here.”

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  • “The Space Foundation Discovery Institute in Colorado Springs, Colo., is the headquarters for the Space Foundation’s education team, an education destination for students and a professional development center that provides space-themed training and support for teachers from around the world. It serves as the base for our education programs, and houses classrooms, the AGI Space Missions Simulator, a Mars Yard and a NASA Educator Resource Center.”

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  • “Space Watch, the Space Foundation’s monthly web and e-newsletter”

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  • “At Camp Kennedy Space Center (KSC), young people experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, tours of Kennedy Space Center and the chance to witness first hand the everyday challenges faced by astronauts. It all adds up to an inspiring week of fun and enriching space activities. “

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  • “Below you see a rotating array of blue crosses and 3 yellow dots. Now fixate on the centre (watch the flashing green spot). Note that the yellow spots disappear once in a while: singly, in pairs or all three simultaneously. In reality, the 3 yellow spots are continuously present, honest!”

    tags: lifesci biology interactive activity

  • a great primary site to teach students about music and instruments. The site is enchanting with it’s interactive story/video platform. It invites students to take part in the story and introduces them to various “magic” instruments. As students learn, they get mouse practice (dragging dropping) for some fine motor skills; matching shapes, and identifying different types of instruments. Students also get exposed to a variety of types of music that instruments are used to create.

    tags: science music resources interactive kids math

  • “The term “fractal” was first used by mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975. Mandelbrot based it on the Latin frāctus meaning “broken” or “fractured”, and used it to extend the concept of theoretical fractional dimensions to geometric patterns in nature”

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  • “Fractals — An introduction
    A Process to Generate Fractals
    A bit of Fractal Math”

    tags: math resources images art

  • “A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students”

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  • tags: math resources images art interactive

  • “A fractal is an object or quantity that displays self-similarity, in a somewhat technical sense, on all scales. The object need not exhibit exactly the same structure at all scales, but the same “type” of structures must appear on all scales.”

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  • “Today scientists, mathematicians,and artists are embracing the idea of Fractals. Snowflakes are examples of fractals in nature. Fractals are patterns that are self similar within itself. The best way to understand Fractals is to actually create a fractal. Koch’s Snowflake Curve is an example of a fractal. “

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  • “Creates a simple technology-based project applying math, science, social studies, and language arts skills.”

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  • Learn how to deal with math fear and anxiety and learn a bunch of study skill stuff to be a great student!

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  • “Back in the 1960’s, a French mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot started thinking about simple pretty simple: How long is the coast of Britain? Sure, it seems easy enough… But, think about how you’d really measure it… In 1975, he made up the word “fractal” because he thought these figures would look fractured or broken up. It wasn’t until he had a computer that he could SEE a picture of what he’d been thinking about!”

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  • Ketchikan SeaGlide (Underwater Glider) Summer Camp 2012
    Underwater Gliders
    Learn from Navy engineers how to build and operate your own underwater glider to collect and analyze aquatic data, and learn about marine acoustics.
    · Students entering grades 7-9; limited to 15 students
    Ketchikan: August 6-10, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, UAS Technology Campus, Robertson R117, 600 Stedman Street

    Register by June 8, a program of the Juneau Economic Development Council, conducts and supports programs to foster interest and participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities for Alaska’s youth statewide.

    tags: summer STEM camp AK resources

  • “Picbod – [pic-bod] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth from the photography team at Coventry University in the UK”

    tags: course resources technology

  • “The Open Clipart Library (OCAL) is the Largest Collaboration Community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free and with no restrictions. “

    tags: open images resources directory

    • submit your own drawings use posted images – post by Ms. Stern
    • A good source of clip art that’s in the public domain and can be used and remixed freely. – post by Aaron Collier
  • “In honor of National Inventor’s month (August), I’ve compiled a list of 120 significant American inventions. I’ve only included inventors who were born in the United States, not inventors who were born elsewhere yet whose inventions were created and/or patented in the U.S. Excluded inventions due to this rule include things such as the telephone, helicopter, basketball, video game console, blue jeans as well as the numerous inventions of Nikola Tesla. The only exception to this rule are co-inventors who share their invention with American-born inventors (such as federico faggin who co-invented the microprocessor).”

    tags: innovation video engineering design inventions american

  • “Library Collections
    You are currently viewing:
    All Etoys , Computer Programming Tools in Schools , Aviation”
    There are more than 1,700 projects in the Library Collection.
    Browse: Scroll down and look through the Etoys projects available.

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  • “Flight Club Become a future aerospace engineer! Have fun learning, building, and experimenting with paper airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, rockets, and a wide variety of aerospace designs. This class will assist you in becoming a master paper airplane mechanic and foster building skills that will last a lifetime. This class is both interactive and educational with an emphasis on building and having fun with things that fly.”

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  • At Play-Well TEKnologies we strive to:
    Bullet Point Build problem-solving skills
    Bullet Point Provide an opportunity for creative expression
    Bullet Point Foster a greater appreciation of how things work
    Bullet Point Encourage the qualities of inquisitiveness, self reliance, and self confidence in children

    We do this in the context of fun-filled engineering and architectural projects, activities that both the children and the instructors enjoy!

    tags: engineering programs summer camp technology

  • Our trip to Oshkosh this year, a proven necessary part of out aviation connection presence, will be extra special. Lydia will be travelling and will be sharing her story with many as she is in the USA for 2 weeks. Lydia is really progressing and has a desire to change other peoples lives in relation to health and technology so that others do not have to suffer as she has. We will be ‘based’ out of the Zenith stand, and would love to share with any who attend Oshkosh WHY we use the Zenith aircraft and also how we carry out the bag- and bottle-drops as well as a sneak peak into the planned skid-drop concepts we are currently working on.

    tags: aviation community people medical video

  • “Elements 114 and 116 have been officially added to the periodic table, becoming its heaviest members yet. They both exist for less than a second before decaying into lighter atoms, but they bring researchers a step closer to making even heavier elements that are predicted to be stable for decades or longer, forming a fabled “island of stability” in the periodic table.”

    tags: history earthsci chemistry

  • “element 118 (ununoctium, Uuo) was produced. Not too much though, one atom in the spring of 2002 and two more in 2005.”

    tags: history earthsci chemistry

  • “Discovery of Elements 113 and 115 – Two superheavy elements, elements 113 and 115, were recently synthesized through a collaborative effort between scientists from the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at the Flerov Laboratory for Nuclear Reactions in Dubna, Russia. Two isotopes of element 115 survived 30-80 milliseconds before decaying into isotopes of element 113 that survived approximately ten times longer prior to decaying themselves. F”

    tags: history earthsci chemistry

  • “May 1888: Tesla Patents “Electric Transmission of Power”
    Electric power is an aspect of modern life that most of us take for granted. And while the general public associates Thomas Edison with its invention and the development of transmission processes, the methods used today are largely due to the efforts of Nikola Tesla. “

    tags: history images science physics

  • “Rotational Motion (Physics)
    Road Runner Pendulum (Physics)
    Chemical Party (Chem)
    Chocolate Bunny (Earth Science)
    Evolution of Homer (Biology)
    Abbott and Costello 7×13=28 (Math)”

    tags: STEM videos images teaching physics chemistry earthsci biology math

  • “learning math through problem solving”

    tags: math activity learning resources

  • “use technology and imagination to find how traditional Western and Chinese dice mathematically function, and then, within given constraints, to create new dice with the same probability distribution. Ultimately, they explore the patterns and processes of the Mathematics underlying the math – how for instance to multiply and factor polynomials and what each factor contributes to dice probability distribution and die face value.”

    tags: math game activity

  • “7puzzle is a unique product as the contents of the game are kept in an eco-friendly distinctive black/lilac bag. This keeps the playing board clean and tidy, making it extremely difficult for the owner to lose the playing pieces.
    The playing board is a 7 by 7 grid of 49 squares, each containing a number, colour and shape. When taking on the challenges, players must place all of the 14 playing pieces (7 of which are straight and 7 angled) onto the board, therefore leaving seven spaces. The intention is that everything on the board will be covered up, except seven of a certain element, which may be a particular colour, shape or type of number, depending on the challenge undertaken.”

    tags: math game activity

  • “Math Projects for Science Fairs

    tags: math projects

  • “one of the most well-known Egyptian symbols. It’s called the Eye of Horus. It’s been in the background of plenty of mummy movies, and been turned into a lot of necklace charms. Some people think it’s writing. Actually, it’s math.”

    tags: math history

  • “Wiley said he wanted to create a school that relied completely on open content for its instructional subject matter. His vision is playing out successfully at Open High School, which gleans about 90 percent of its coursework from such resources. Teachers are given six to nine months to gather materials and develop their own curriculum before presenting the content, which is housed entirely on the Web and accessible to users on a 24/7 basis.”

    tags: teaching open resources

  • “Wkipedia is a great educational resource for both teachers and students. Its articles appear almost always in the first four links of the search results. I know there are some issues with the use of this resource in education such as : plagiarism, trusted content and many more but still instead of excluding it all together we better learn and teach our students the best ways to use it.”

    tags: technology teaching resources

    • Mu.Jogando.Net / Season 6 (17)

      Venham Conhecer a Nova Temporada da Jogando.Net/mu na versão Season6, com muitas Novidades, Eventos, Itens e Muito mais, para os jogadores do
      Super 10.000x
      Pvp 15.000x
      Very Easy 5.000x
      Hard 100 x
      Extreme 10x
      Novo Server War 1000x Venha Jogar
      Vejam algumas novidades:
      >> Novo char: Rage Fighter
      >> Novos itens do novo char
      >> Novos mapas
      >> Novos PVPs
      >> Novo site
      >> Novos rankings será implantado.
      >> Nova skin no forum com novas opções.
      >> Compre muitas armas com ZEN no evento Moss the Gambler.
      >> Fique logado e ganhe golds, Free ganha 1 GOLD por minuto e VIP 2 GOLDs.
      >> Todo dia sorteio de GOLDs entre os players logado.
      >> Dezenas de invasões todos os dias.
      >> Frutas de resetar stats, use a fruta e re-distribua seus pontos.
      >> O TOP ranking da semanal e do mês ganha muitos GOLDs seja TOP você também.
      >> Seja um divulgador e ganhe set exclusivo de Divulgador.
      >> Novo Lançamento oficial Kit Old School
      >> Feito Pra PVP ! Venham Conferir
      >> ASA Level 3 = Excellent + Level Master + 5 Sockets
      >> A melhor asa do servidor
      >> Você escolhe a option, DAMAGE – DEFENSE – LIFE
      >> 2x RINGS = Excellent +5 Sockets
      >> PENDENT = Excellent +5 Sockets
      >> Novos Shields Power v2 18 Options
      >> Novos Sets Especiais
      >>Confira Em nosso Site
      >> Muitas Promoções
      >> Compre Pacotes Em jcash , E ganhe Ate 4000x Em Golds !
      Mais Informaçãoes e Duvidas, acesse o Site:

      LorDxReLoO – post by LorDxReLoO Divulgador Oficial

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  • tags: biology lifesci interactive resources

  • “Be the Beat: Interactive heart and virtual CPR simulation”

    tags: biology lifesci interactive resources

  • tags: science music interactive activity sound

  • This interactive Flash applet helps students explore concepts of ratio and proportion. It displays two containers, each with its own tap that can be set to deliver different-colored liquids in units of 1 to 10. A main tap can be set to deliver multiples of the amounts on the left- and right-hand taps. Proportion can be modelled using the drain container, which receives whatever is in the left- and right-hand containers.

    tags: math k-8 activities interactive

  • “Looking for Mathematical Practices aligned to the CCSS? You can find them through the ADVANCED SEARCH feature. Simply click on “advanced search” (found in the search box area) and a search criteria”

    tags: math k-8 activities resources

  • ” A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics. “

    tags: math k-8 activities resources

    • from Math Forum – post by Boo Murray
    • Drexel site that supplies teachers with Java-based math tools organized by grade level/subject – post by Sean Owen
  • Browsing: All Content in Math 7 on Computer

    tags: math k-8 activities resources

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