Intro flight 9/7/2011

Come Fly With Me curriculum goes to Burns Science and Technology School

All faculty and staff met with Nancy and Valerie from Spruce Creek Women of Wings (WOW)

Introduction questions – Have you taken a course in teaching science? Do you have hobbies related to science? Have you flown in a small plane? Are you interested in learning to fly? What is your level of expertise with technology?

Outline and organization of the Come Fly With Me curriculum – development, grade levels, key concepts, paper version, activity format, online format (work in progress)

Review Florida State Science Standards – Big Pictures with Descriptions

Sample activity – everyone made paper airplanes, competition for distance – prizes for everyone with farthest distance getting first pick from variety of things that fly – kites, frizzbees, items with aviation theme – aprons, hats, note pads, and much more.

Activity 12. Air Pressure – activity demonstration – two teams of two (teachers), straws, zip plastic bags, 2 books for each team. To win, be the first team to have the books separated without touching the books. Hint, the inflated sealed bags make good cushions. The winners (all participants) were awarded the air and space books to donate to the school library.

General agreement that the curriculum was appropriate and would provide a good basis for hands-on science activities across grade levels.

* Map to Common Core standards as well as Florida
* include Math standards as appropriate
* no curriculum defined for E in STEM – work on Engineering curriculum as well – many of these activities would be applicable

For next week

Each grade level team – Primary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5) and Middle (6-8) have an activity with instructions and materials to prepare to teach to the meeting. Curriculum map and standards references will be discussed. Each team will provide teacher and student point-of-view observations and suggest teacher materials, format changes and/or and procedure modifications.

* Primary – Activity 36. Rocket Propulsion

* Intermediate – Activity 60. Forming an Image with Pixels

* Middle – Activity 62. Radio Telescopes,8,9/EARTH_SCIENCE_-_Activities_45_-_67#62._RADIO_TELESCOPES

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  1. Thank you. We are delighted to hear that you find it useful. A lot of wonderful people have contributed their time and effort to this project. We appreciate your feedback.

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