Space Construction

Space Construction (3)

SPACE WATCH (history) · Shuttle and Station · 360° Virtual Tour

Home Planet and Space Station

NASA – STS101-714-028 (19-29 May 2000) — The International Space Station is contrasted against the cloud-covered home planet and the darkness of space in this post-undocking view.

View from Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-106)

S106-E-5056 (10 September 2000) — The International Space Station (ISS) is now in the view of the crew aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis as evidenced in this electronic image. The last time astronauts saw the ISS, it was not sporting the recently-arriving Progress, which appears at the top in this perspective. Also, next to the Progress, appears the Zvezda service module, which had been delivered by a Proton rocket since the most recent human visit to ISS.

Station Outfitted for Resident Crew

S106-E-5299 (18 September 2000) — Backdropped against the blackness of space, the International Space Station (ISS) is seen following its undocking with the Space Shuttle Atlantis. After accomplishing all mission objectives in outfitting the station for the first resident crew, the seven astronauts and cosmonauts undocked at 3:46 (GMT) on Sept. 18 over Russia near the northeastern portion of Ukraine. When Atlantis was at a safe distance from the station, about 450 feet, astronaut Scott D…

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