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Search the web for “math aviation lesson” and the results are overwhelming. We have reviewed a selection. Some sites link to resources that are no longer available, but most have good information for connecting math and aviation.

NASA Quest > Aerospace – Aerospace Lesson Plans – activities for all grade levels that focus on aeronautics and aircraft. They can be used as stand alone lessons or as part of a unit. The three mini-units: General Aviation Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, and Research Aircraft provide students with a variety of activities that span across the curriculum.

Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics – Study aerodynamics at your own pace and to your own level of interest. Some of the topics included are: Newton’s basic equations of motion; the motion of a free falling object, that neglects the effects of aerodynamics; the terminal velocity of a falling object subject to both weight and air resistance; the three forces (lift, drag, and weight) that act on a glider; and finally, the four forces that act on a powered airplane.

Aviation and Aerospace Career Guide – links to a wide variety of Aviation and Aerospace Related Sites including aviation-based math and science lessons and activities.

Wright Again – lesson plans – A library of fun science experiments to help students understand how the Wrights developed the first powered aircraft. In 1901, the Wright Brothers conducted wind tunnel tests that helped them learn about lift. With NASA’s help, we’ll recreate some of those tests. Follow along! We’re using computers to analyze the Wrights’ early wing designs and the 1903 Wright Flyer. What will we learn?

The History of Flight and Some Mathematical Application – This unit in aerodynamics will attempt to find the mathematical concepts that are essential to flight with special interest in the concepts that relate to path problems.

Visual Math Learning: A Free Online Tutorial for Teaching Math – Understanding Mathematics through Insight, Concept, and Perception

Welcome to MegaMath! – Mathematics is a live science with new discoveries being made every day. The frontier of mathematics is an exciting place, where mathematicians experiment and play with creative and imaginative ideas. ideas that have already piqued many children’s curiosity, but their profound mathematical importance is not widely known or understood. The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together.

Free Mathematics Tutorials, Problems and Worksheets (with applets) – Free math tutorials and problems to help you explore and gain deep understanding of math, calculus, trigonometry and geometry topics.

Applied Math for Aviation Lesson Plans Reviewed by Teachers – Applied Math for Aviation Lesson Plans From Web Adventure: Oakland to Chicago Flight to The Problem with Profiling, find teacher approved applied math for aviation lesson plans that inspire student learning.

Aviation Math Scenario – Six subject areas involved in helping students find their way through the project: CAD, careers, English, history, math, and science. There are four components to the project: the research, the printed document, the multimedia presentation, and the board presentation. Each discipline covers a piece of each component. The teacher in each subject area guides the students to think about a discipline and how it relates to aviation.

Aviation Formulary V1.45 – great circle navigation – how to compute courses, headings and other quantities of interest. These formulae can be programmed into your calculator or spreadsheet – includes enough information that those familiar with plane trigonometry can derive additional results if required.

Math lesson plans – Collections of Math Lesson Plans – old, some broken links but some good math lesson resources

American Experience . The Wright Stuff – These interviews share what the community thought of the Wright Brothers. Includes a QuickTime movie clip from a silent movie reproduction of the first flight.

FAA Educator’s Corner – Educator’s Corner is a fun page for all. It includes activities for the classroom, fun experiments and much more.

Aviation: Activities for Junior and High School Students – classroom activity ideas and unit plans about aviation. Learn how aircraft fly and try to solve word problems and other mathematical equations relating to aviation. Includes links to resources on Transportation: Aircraft, Aviation: Military Aircraft, and Aviation: Wright Brothers.

PlaneMath – go directly to a lesson, get some help to get started, check out other great places on the Web, or have your teacher/parent learn how to use this Site. examples – Flight Path: Find the shortest path between 2 cities. Plane Capacity Plane Capacity: How many people can board your plane?

Math Lesson: 5 Aviation-Based Word Problems for Teaching Area and Unit Conversions – Gives (and solves) five word problems taken from an aviation math book published in 1943. These word problems would be useful in teaching the concepts of rectangle area (length * width) and unit conversion (from inches to feet, etc.)

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