windscreen fiberglassing

Our story of Dr. Bob’s great plane building adventure continues…

Fiberglass prep - windscreen
Fiberglass prep - windscreen

It is time to add the fiberglass about the edge of the windscreen to connect it to the fuselage.

Notice the large gap between the plexiglass and the aluminum. This will be filled and then sanded smooth.

The red tape is there to protect the plexiglass windscreen as there with be lots of material being applied and sanded during this process.

Interior @ windscreen fiberglass prep
Interior @ windscreen fiberglass prep

It is important to provide a good connection here as it will have a significant impact on the airflow over the cowling, up the windscreen and over the canopy.

Here is a shot from the other side of the windscreen showing the interior at this stage.

Notice that the dash has the instrument placements cutout at this stage, although very little else of the interior is in place.

Fiberglass - finished
Fiberglass - finished

Update Nov 19, 2010

Dr. Bob has made progress on the fiberglassing. He has filled in the space between the windshield and the cowling. This is an important step to ensure that there is a snug air-tight seal to keep out wind and water.

Dr. Bob’s story … Bob is a  neighbor so getting pictures of his work in progress is easy. Although this is not actually a project, we can record his progress anytime we need to post an article to the Look Up! blog. The steps are the same for any plane building project.

As we get more information and pictures from actual projects, we will feature them here on the Look Up! blog. You can’t have too much information about plane building.

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