Gender Equity in Science Classrooms

This reprint of an older study is a reminder that not much has changed in the last 20 years or so. As much as we would like to see more girls in science education, their numbers are still relatively small. And worse yet, the number of students in STEM fields are declining overall.

This guide was written to address gender issues, but the suggestions are universally applicable and beneficial to all students. These represent good teaching practices. This is a quick read, with plenty of good easy-to-implement suggestions.

Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms: A Guide for Faculty

Why do women leave the science pipeline? This guide recommends concrete strategies to keep female college students coming back to science classes.

Source : “Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms: A Guide for Faculty,” Office of the Dean of the College at Brown University, 1996.

Download .PDF file 785.24 KB
Note: some of the reproduction quality is poor but most is readable

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