games in education

College students provided these links and comments for an assignment for the class CIS2 Computers and the Internet in Society – Winter semester 2020. Computers Games in Education and Play. Try out a couple of educational games at Games for Change and find one that you think is particularly interesting. Write 2-3 sentences about the game and social issues associated with games in education. Post the web address of the description of the game you selected and your description to the Games in Education discussion. Try a couple of the recommended games and post your thoughts about each game you … Continue reading games in education

resources for teachers and parents

“Double Arch” by Jan Willem Broekema is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Kids aren’t likely to be going back to school anytime soon. So now what? There are millions of online resources available. Many are really good – engaging, educational. Some are aligned with school standards. Some track progress and direct learning and practice. Some are just plain awesome – virtual field trips, challenging and great fun. The Best National Parks to Visit—Virtually | Travelzoo “The great Wallace Stegner once called America’s national parks “the best idea we ever had,” and we couldn’t agree more. Equal parts meditative and mind-blowing, … Continue reading resources for teachers and parents

Cancun, Mexico & More

Week 10 62 A Massive Crater & Myriad Cenotes An early trip took us to Cancun, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula. One of the most striking features of the geology of the area is that there are lots of cenotes – more than 6,000. Many are easily seen from the air. A cenote is a natural hole in limestone bedrock – a sinkhole – with water at the bottom. Some cenotes are small and shallow, while others are very large and deep. SCUBA divers from around the globe go to them to explore the underground water world. Maybe someday I’ll get … Continue reading Cancun, Mexico & More

Lisbon, Portugal & More

Week 9 56 Our  “Road Map” It may be hard to believe, but this photo shows the oceanic plotting chart we used for our entire trip across the Atlantic. As the flight progressed, we recorded altitude and course changes and other conditions of flight. In graphic form, this chart shows much of the information contained in our approved Flight Plan, which contains specific details about the planned trip. Before each flight it is the the captain who files the required, formal flight plan with Air Traffic Control (ATC). Once airborne over land, we must stay in constant radio contact with … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal & More

St. John’s, Newfoundland & More

Week 8 51 My First Air Ambulance Flight This is a screen capture from the Flight Aware website, of my first flight as a member of the air ambulance team. The top map shows our route and the bottom chart shows our altitude and speed at given points along the way. Our mission was to pick up a patient in Europe for transport back to the U.S. To get there we went from Brooksville, FL to St. John’s in Newfoundland, and then across the Atlantic Ocean eastward to Lisbon, Portugal. On a flat map this route may seem to bend to … Continue reading St. John’s, Newfoundland & More

New Job & New Home

Week 7 45 My New Home in the Sky I was hired by Global Jet Care, an air ambulance service that flies all over the world from its base in Brookville, FL. Instead of transporting injured people over roads in traditional ambulances, we transport them by jet aircraft equipped like ambulances. The company arranges 24-hour worldwide service. Medical staff members consult with a patient’s physician and assemble the appropriate medical team and equipment. I was really proud when my company received the 2019 International Life Sciences award for its excellence in the field. The planes we use are all the Learjet … Continue reading New Job & New Home