from Come Fly With Me – Exploring Science through aviation and aerospace concepts. SUBJECT: Science GRADE: 7,8,9 GROUP SIZE: Large TIME: Several periods TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Student Research Constructing Models TEACHING STRATEGY: Open Discovery Guided Discovery CONCEPTS: Living on the Moon Colonies Human Needs SKILLS: Reading for Data Futurizing Construction Objectives: To provide students with a greater understanding of the moon; to apply concepts of the moon to futurizing about what it would be like to live and work there. living on the moon – illustration Materials: Books, pamphlets, and online sites about what we’ve learned about the moon. Teacher … Continue reading 42. MOON ROOM FOR RENT – BEAUTIFUL VIEW

The EDP – Engineering Design Process

ASK: What is the problem? How have others approached it? What are your constraints? IMAGINE: What are some solutions? Brainstorm ideas. Choose the best one. PLAN: Draw a diagram. Make lists of materials you will need. CREATE: Follow your plan and create something. Test it out! IMPROVE: What works? What doesn’t? What could work better? Modify your design to make it better. Test it out! Note that the EDP is a cycle—there’s no official start or end point. You can begin at any step, focus on just one step, move back and forth between steps, or repeat the cycle. For … Continue reading The EDP – Engineering Design Process

Applying the Engineering Design Process

ASK: What is the problem? BST wanted me to share information about my flying adventures with the students at the school. However, I was working in another city, and could not get to the school to meet with them face-to-face. How have others approached it? Blogs, Email Blasts, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), video or phone meetings (Skype/Facetime,etc.) What are your constraints? Have no ads, be a school-friendly site, include both facts & fun stuff, allow for many photos, be set up so information in the posts could be easily stored and found if needed in the future. IMAGINE: What … Continue reading Applying the Engineering Design Process

science fair project

Science Fair Project Type your project title here Your name Your teacher’s name Your school Statement of the Problem Type your question here. (This is the question that your experiment answers.) Project Overview Type a brief overview or summary of your project here. Research Summarize your research here in three to five bullet points: 1st bullet point 2nd bullet point 3rd bullet point 4th bullet point 5th bullet point Variables Controlled variables: These are the things that are kept the same throughout your experiments. Independent variable: The one variable that you purposely change and test. Dependent variable: The measure of … Continue reading science fair project