“How much do I need to know about computers and the internet for this course and online learning in general?” Glance through this material to make sure that you are familiar with common computer and internet operations. The topics listed below are basic information and operations to prepare you for online learning. When you click on a topic, you will be presented with a description of that item and a link to learn more about the topic. Computer Basics 1 Computer Operating Systems 2 Using your Mouse 3 Your computer desktop 4 Working with Windows 5 Common Computer Programs and … Continue reading basics

BuildAPlane Teachers’ Day 2014 – July 29

Teachers’ Day 2014 July 29, 2014 Teachers’ Day 2014 – Online Registration INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the form below to register for the 2014 event. Registration is free but space is limited. Build A Plane will acknowledge enrollment in Teacher’s Aviation Day via email, and my registration packet is available for pickup at the event from 7:30-8:30am, July 29th, 2014. Teachers participating in this event can receive Continuing Education credit Teachers completing the Teacher’s Aviation Day will be given free admission into AirVenture 2014 for July 29, 2014. A registration confirmation will be sent in early July along with other event … Continue reading BuildAPlane Teachers’ Day 2014 – July 29


from Come Fly With Me – Exploring Science through aviation and aerospace concepts. SUBJECT: Science GRADE: 7,8,9 GROUP SIZE: Small TIME: 2-45 minute periods TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Student Investigation Teacher Demo TEACHING STRATEGY: Expository Guided Discovery CONCEPTS: Rock Identification Moon Rocks SKILLS: Following Directions Collecting and Interpreting Data Objectives: To have students use various methods to identify rocks; to relate the study of Earth rocks to Moon rocks. rocks data sheet Materials: Unknown rocks, numbered; dilute hydro-choloric acid; knife blade or nail; hand lens; colored pens or crayons, activity sheet; rock identification key; Moon Rocks (See end of activity for … Continue reading 67. WHAT THE ROCKS TELL US